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Why It’s the Most Effective Form of Exercise

We talked about Personal Training combined with Red Light Therapy at Red Lite Gym. Still, we have not addressed the concept of circuit training. Circuit training is the most effective form of exercise in the shortest amount of time. You can actually do a full-body workout in as little as five minutes. So, with 20 minutes of Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting, 5 minutes of whole-body vibration, and 5 minutes of circuit training, you can be in and out of Red Lite Gym in as little as 30 minutes. Or, if you want more, you can do circuit training for as long as you’d like. But we always suggest starting slowly and gradually increasing intensity whenever you begin a new exercise routine.

Circuit training is a technique where you work out different muscle groups and do not waste time in between. Say you do a leg exercise, move to an upper-body activity, then stretch or use your core. You will constantly be moving to different parts of the body to work out in a balanced and safe manner. You will not need to stand around and waste time as many people do at the gym. Circuit training is efficient and effective. At Red Lite Gym, we believe in the power of low-impact circuit training because it is a total body approach and simple. However, if you are sore or under doctor’s orders, you can skip the workout portion at Red Lite Gym and just do the body sculpting and whole-body vibration plate.

You will notice Red Lite Gym is not set up like a regular gym. The latest research indicates that circuit training is the most effective form of strength training when you do 15-30 repetitions in 3 to 5 sets. We have mini circuits set up throughout the gym, so you can get a full-body workout quickly in one mini circuit station. You can do a different station on your next visit, so you are continually changing your workout routine.

Step 3 Training

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Vibration plates have been around for over 60 years. They passively provide a full-body workout while standing on the vibrating plate. We encourage whole-body vibration as well. It is said that whole-body vibrations can burn 10-20 calories per minute. Still, more importantly, they get things moving in your body. After your body sculpting session, it is vital to get your body moving to help your lymph system process and eliminate the newly liberated fat cells from your body. You can choose to do the vibration plate, ride the stationary bike or do the elliptical. But after your Red Light Therapy body sculpting session, you must get your body moving.

Circuit Training at Red Lite Gym is fast and efficient. We offer sessions every 15 minutes, so you can schedule yourself at 2:15pm, be done by 2:45pm, and pick your kids up by 3pm. You can fit your Sculpt and Strengthen Session in on your lunch break. We are doing everything we can to eliminate why you can’t make Red Lite Gym a regular part of your healthy lifestyle. See you at the gym!