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Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Most people can lose anywhere from 2-8” off their waist, hips, thighs, and upper arms after just one Red Light Therapy Body Sculpt and Strengthen session at Red Lite Gym. But I’d be lying if I said that your results will last if you eat lots of fast food, sugar, or processed food as a regular part of your diet. If you drink plenty of water, eat clean, fresh foods, and make this a part of your everyday healthy lifestyle routine, you will experience lasting results.

A healthy diet is so essential to lasting results. We are what we eat. I hear reasons all the time from people on why they eat bad food all the time. One young gal recently told me, “Organic healthy food is so expensive. It is much easier and cheaper to eat a bag of chips.” A bag of chips does not satisfy us at all; it is full of harmful inflammatory oils and inflammation-causing ingredients and is not real food as God intended for people to eat. Chips and junk food make us hungrier and cause cellular inflammation. You can buy a piece of fruit, and a stick of cheese for the same price as a bag of chips and be more satisfied, nourished, and healthier than opting for a bag of chips.

Healthy eating

Eating healthfully is vital to well-being and will cost much less in the long run than sickness and disease. The average cost of fast food is nearly $10 for one meal, which is on the low-end price-wise. For $10 you can get several days’ worth of organic salad mix and other healthy vegetables. Get a Tupperware container, make a salad with protein and vegetables and healthy oils like olive oil, and add some nutritious apple cider vinegar. Americans have no problem spending tons of money on easy and fast-foods. Still, they seem to suddenly hold tight to their wallet when presented with a healthy habit that can enhance their life. Eating healthfully is much cheaper than fast food, even just a few days a week. Plus, nourishing foods come washed and ready to eat nowadays.

So, you can experience fast and immediate results at Red Lite Gym. And these results can last your lifetime if you choose healthier options for your food. Healthier eating is a part of the equation to lasting results with any routine. The food you eat eventually turns into your body. Start slowly, reduce the processed food you eat and incorporate more natural and whole foods that we were biologically created to eat. Do this in combination with a regular routine at Red Lite Gym to achieve your fitness goals. I am sure your doctor would agree that eating whole food is healthier than eating processed food-like products.


Fresh whole foods diet

I can go on and on about diet, but there are many great resources on YouTube. One of my favorite health gurus is Dr. Berg. He has tons of free content on YouTube. I promise you that eating healthy is less expensive and makes you feel much better. So, you can lose 2-8″ in one Sculpt and Strengthen Session. If you eat fast food regularly, you can undo those results. You can still live your life and enjoy comfort foods but minimize them and eat more fresh whole foods.

If you love potato chips, then maybe buy a sack of potatoes and bake them rather than eating them in a processed form? You can get 1-2 weeks’ worth of potatoes for the cost of a couple bags of chips. Plus, they will satisfy you and nourish you. I am here to help in any way I can with guidance for living a healthier lifestyle. I am not a saint in the area of diet, but I try to do 80% clean eating of whole foods. I feel better when I am 100% eating pure, but I stumble too, and I try to not be too hard on myself.

Please email me at any time if you need extra healthy lifestyle tips. I pray that Red Lite Gym blesses you. [email protected]