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Mitochondria: Your Living Batteries

Research has clearly shown that Red Light Therapy helps our mitochondria. Mitochondria are the life-yielding engines within the cell of all living things. Our mitochondria produce ATP to fuel our body and its complex functions. Our mitochondria are the batteries that allow our body to function properly. If our batteries are full, we operate better. Red light therapy causes our mitochondria to function optimally, so we feel better and have more energy. Each cell in our body has millions of mitochondria, and we have millions of cells. With that many mitochondria, it makes sense that we ought to love and nourish them with Red Light Therapy. 

Red Light Therapy helps us to have more energy and feel and function optimally. “Lite’n” up your life with Red Lite Gym! Red Lite Gym is dedicated to bringing you regular doses of Red Light Therapy to help you achieve your fitness, weight loss, and wellness goals and love your body from a mitochondrial level. You will feel much better with a regular Red Lite Gym routine. We are opening our first flagship location in northwest Arkansas, and we are committed to helping and serving millions worldwide with the awesomeness of Red Lite Gym.