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Red Lite Gym is debuting its existence in
the Bentonville & Rogers Market of Northwest Arkansas!


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Mon 7 AM – 7 PM
Tue 7 AM – 8 PM
Wed 7 AM – 7 PM
Thu 7 AM – 8 PM
Fri 7 AM – 4 PM
Sat 8 AM – 1 PM
Sun 11 AM – 3 PM


The Light Transforms Your Life

Body Contouring
in Bentonville

Red Lite Gym is Northwest Arkansas’s premiere Body Contouring gym and the FIRST of its kind in the WORLD! It all started here in Bentonville! We use the only FDA-cleared medical wrap device that wraps the body in healing Red and Near Infrared Light. For Body Sculpting results to last, people must change their body composition with new lifestyle habits like regular exercise & an always improving leaner & cleaner diet.

Personal Training in the Rogers & Bentonville Area

People spend thousands on body contouring & weight loss treatments like Liposuction & Coolsculpting. The path to lasting body composition change is exercise & diet. Lasting lifestyle change requires regular exercise with discipline & consistency. Red Lite Gym is a private gym, and we specialize in low impact circuit training for longevity & health. All members receive monthly personal training & programming so they are always challenged.

More than a Gym: Improve Cellular & Immune Health

All life requires light to stay healthy & most people are starving for light. Red & Near-Infrared Light occur in nature during the rising sun. The Wavelengths of Red & near infrared light have been studied extensively & shown to improve the health of cells, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, build collagen, release fat, improve brain health, help sleep, smooth skin, improve energy & health & so much more!

Come to the Light!

Red Lite Gym is a New Boutique Body Contouring Gym in Northwest Arkansas featuring Medical Grade Red Light Therapy Body Contouring Treatments, Personal Training & Daily Gym Access. We are conveniently located at the southern end of Bentonville where it turns into Rogers at SE Walton and Medical Center Pkwy. We are in the Forum Shopping Center by THE Honey Baked Ham Store and Goodwill.

A Tremendous Value!
We Over-Deliver & Under-Charge

A Tremendous Value! We Over-Deliver & Under-Charge because we are committed to blessing you with the best value in Red Light Therapy Body Contouring + Personal Training and Exercise.
Red Light Therapy is known to improve immune function, cellular health, tighten skin, reduce pain & inflammation, improve circulation, cause inches loss and give you more energy!