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Having a fitness coach to guide you on properly working out and doing a strength training program without creating injuries is so important. At Red Lite Gym, we believe in the power of Personal Training Bentonville to help you achieve your fitness goals. Still, we have a caveat, we want it to be as affordable and accessible as possible. Personal Training costs typically a lot of money for a private one-on-one personal training session; at Red Lite Gym, we are committed to making personal fitness training affordable and accessible for the people in Northwest Arkansas.

We use the only FDA-cleared Body Sculpting wrap device in the United States; clinically and scientifically proven to cause inches loss? We use Contour Light, and you can see authentic images from real people who used Contour Light here on this page.

Begin your personal training with us here at Bentonville, AR.

affordable personal training

At Red Lite Gym, we are revolutionizing the boutique fitness industry, merging it with a proven safe and effective weight loss treatment that is FDA cleared! This is awesome! Red Lite Gym offers a spa service at each session, plus personal Training! The founder of Red Lite Gym, Allison Beardsley, did this same revolutionary act with reformer Pilates classes when she started Club Pilates back in 2007 to make Reformer Pilates affordable and accessible. Club Pilates is now a household name because the founder Allison Beardsley had a mission to make Pilates on the reformer affordable and accessible to all people. Allison is at it again, and this time with Red Light Therapy plus Circuit Training. She brings you almost a $4,000 value for only $199 a month! But wait, there’s more!

Allison Beardsley will be your personal trainer. She has developed an app for Red Lite Gym with a personal training library exclusive to all members. Red Lite Gym is not set up like an average big-box gym. It is set up with mini circuit-training stations so you can always do a different workout and fitness routine to challenge your body and progress. You can spend just 5 or 10 minutes on strength training if you are new and progress for as long as you’d like once you get stronger. Plus, for your convenience, you can schedule sessions in 15-minute increments to fit your schedule. With Allison as your trainer on the Red Lite Gym App, you can be sure you have many safe and effective weight training routines at your fingertips, no matter when you schedule your session.


We offer super flexible personal training scheduling

For example, say you can only make it at 2:15pm; well, most places don’t have a 2:15pm class that can guarantee you are done by 2:45 to pick the kids up from school at 3pm. We can accommodate your schedule at Red Lite Gym. We offer body sculpting sessions every 15 minutes. You can do your required body contouring and personal training routine in as little as 25 minutes.

The Red Lite Gym app has many personal training options and fitness routines you can do at home or at Red Lite Gym. Suppose you have a custom training goal or have an injury. In that case, Allison will also make you a personalized routine available on the app. Allison has been a personal trainer since the year 2000; she has trained thousands of instructors to teach Pilates and also has trained thousands of people.

Safe and effective

Your Personal trainer Allison Beardsley is sensitive to physical injuries and limitations. Personal Training at Red Lite Gym incorporates low-impact circuit training as the primary modality for clients because it is safe and effective. Allison is also mindful of injuries because she has had her knee reconstructed and a partially torn rotator cuff, among other injuries from her younger years as a competitive athlete and basketball player. This means you will not have a personal trainer who is oblivious to those with injuries.

We all use smartphones these days, right? Each piece of circuit training equipment at Red Lite Gym has a holder for your smartphone. So, you can hook in some earbuds, place your phone on the gym equipment, and be guided by a world-class personal trainer during each session. Also, you can watch the session ahead of time, follow the prompts and signs at Red Lite Gym and complete your workout safely if you don’t want to use your smartphone while working out. Red Lite Gym regularly adds new training sessions to the app, so you can ensure that you will have various options to keep your body evolving.


Safe and effective