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Contour Light

Red Lite Gym uses the Contour Light System, which is the only FDA-Cleared Medical Grade wrap system in the U.S.! Our Medical Grade device is FDA-cleared for reduced pain, increased circulation & inches loss. Because we are FDA-cleared, we can legally make claims since the Contour Light has been clinically proven to reduce pain—this is not a gimic. So not only can you lose inches and increase circulation, but you can notice reduced pain & inflammation with regular sessions. In addition to the Medical-Grade Red Light Therapy offered at Red Lite Gym, all members enjoy custom personal training as well!

Red and near-infrared Light therapy IMPROVE YOUR Quality of Life

A 2017 study demonstrated that Red Light Therapy is beneficial for people with Fibromyalgia. Red Light Therapy has been shown to increase the quality of life, decrease pain, decrease muscle spasms, decrease morning stiffness, and the total number of body aches and pains you experience. Red Light Therapy helps reduce inflammation, reduces pain, and even speeds up wound healing. The increased circulation caused by Red Light Therapy and gentle, supportive exercises also helps to decrease pain and inflammation.

Red and near-infrared Light therapy help to reduce total body inflammation throughout the body, which helps to reduce the signs of aging and disease. Many diseases are caused by inflammation in the body. If we can reduce the inflammatory load on the system, we can undoubtedly enhance overall health.

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Red Light Therapy Has been shown To Destroy Breast Cancer Cells In-Vitro

At Red Lite Gym, we are committed to loving our neighbors in Northwest Arkansas. We can help overall health by reducing pain and inflammation and helping people get more fit with gentle exercise routines. We are the first fitness concept to incorporate a personal spa-like body treatment into a regular fitness routine. We hope to see you at Red Lite Gym in Bentonville and Rogers, Arkansas, and help you feel better from a cellular level and reduce pain and inflammation.