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Red Light Therapy & Exercise Create a Perfect Recipe
for Transformation and Good Health

Your Red Lite Gym Experience is completed with a Power Plate whole-body-vibration-plate workout & Weight Training programmed by one of our Personal Trainer Staff Members. All members receive monthly in-person Personal Training Sessions & Programming included in their Membership. Members track their workouts & progress using our 3-D STYKU Body Scan Machine which accurately displays body composition & provides feedback to succeed with real SMART goals. Research shows pairing exercise with red light therapy is a way to turbo-charge results & fitness. We are so thankful to serve Northwest Arkansas as the first ever Body Contouring Spa—Gym concept in the world.

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Power Plate Whole Body Vibration

Get Your Body moving with 10 minutes on the Power Plate which is like a 30-minute jog! It is important to move lymph fluid after your Contouring Treatment since fat cells were released from your body. The lymphatic system is a complex maze of ducts and nodes that drain toxins from the muscles while delivering antibodies to help fight disease, but it doesn’t have a pump, so it relies heavily on muscle activity to move the fluids. Using vibration plates gives the body a high-speed workout, which not only moves helping you flush fat out of your system, but it also activates more muscles. According to a 2009 study from the European Association for the Study of Obesity, Whole Body Vibration can increase calorie burn by as much as 50 percent!

Personal Training Customized for YOU

Weight Training is the Gold Standard of Fitness and required to change body composition permanently. We can melt fat, freeze fat, or cut fat off, but if we don’t build muscle & eat healthier, then more fat will come back. Body composition change requires Lifestyle Improvements like regular exercise & a healthier diet. People need to incorporate a minimum of 10-20 minutes of focused and constant weight training 3+ times a week. As a Red Lite Gym member, you get daily gym access, & custom monthly Personal Training Programming! Your workout Routine will Never Get Old because each month your personal trainer will modify Your Personal-Training Fitness Program. Personal Training does not cost extra at Red Lite Gym, it is included in all monthly memberships as is daily gym access and Medical Grade Body Contouring Treatments.

10,000 Steps a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Walking, or the equivalent movement to 10,000 steps a day is needed EVERYDAY! The biggest pandemic today is that people are too sedentary. Walking is extremely healthy, and we encourage our members to get one hour of walking in minimum each day or 8-10,000 steps. The studies prove that walking daily 10,000 steps a day will drastically improve your health. You can do 3 twenty-minute walks each day, use the stairs more, take a walking lunch break & have a smoothie at your desk instead of eating, or take a movement break for 5-minutes once every hour. You can get the movement in—you just have to do it. We encourage our members to walk daily, for a healthier life. Studies prove walking 10,000+ steps a day reduces chances of illness & makes you happy. Wearables like the “Oura-Ring,” Apple Watch, or Fit-Bit can be helpful to monitor how much you are moving & help you make better goals.

Red Light Therapy + Fitness Training = Transformation

His Knee pain is GONE! At 70,
Herb now plays football with his grandsons

Royce's Diabetic Neuropathy was healed and he can walk
again after his Red Light Therapy Treatments!

Sandra has become healthier after regular Red Light Therapy


Our Method

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We Need Movement!

A Healthy Life Requires exercise & movement. Weight bearing exercises like strength training are needed to keep a healthy body composition, strong bones, and to maintain a supple body as we age.

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Book a Complimentary Red Lite Gym experience TODAY! Experience Our METHOD! Enjoy a 30-minute Medical Grade Noninvasive & Healthy Red Light Therapy Body Contourinig Treatment. All are welcome! We will show you the way and the LIGHT!