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How to Lose Weight and Not Budge

How do I lose weight and lose fat? This is not an easy answer as our bodies are complex, and they want to hold onto fat for survival purposes. So many factors go into fat loss. Have you ever tried to lose weight and had it not budge? You are not alone. I am Allison Beardsley, and I am the founder of Red Lite Gym. I have been in the fitness industry as a trainer and Pilates instructor since 2000. I founded and developed another brand called Club Pilates.

Being that I have been in the fitness field as my profession, I never thought I would have the issue of not being able to lose fat. But after having kids and getting into my 40s, I gained over 25 pounds, and nothing seemed to help. I knew all the right things to do with fitness and exercise for fat loss, but they did not work until I learned about Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting wraps.

Noninvasive therapy

Red Light Therapy is noninvasive, unlike CoolSculpting or lipo, which causes damage and pain to your cells. Invasive and surgical weight loss treatments can even be potentially fatal. Before considering going under the surgical knife for weight loss, we encourage you to try Red Lite Gym first; your first session is free, and we cost pennies on the dollar compared to weight loss surgery options.

Not only does Red Light therapy help with weight loss, but it also energizes your body from a cellular mitochondrial level. And suppose you place the red and near-infrared light directly on your skin. In that case, it is clinically and scientifically proven to cause your body to release fat cells resulting in inches lost and weight loss. I know this sounds crazy. And there are so many gimmicks on the market that make this claim. Still, we use a device proven to hold up to this inches loss claim. It is FDA- cleared, so I can legally say this and advertise this clinically proven benefit to the public. We use Contour Light, the only FDA-cleared device to safely reduce inches, increase blood flow & circulation and even reduce pain.

I was shocked by the many non-FDA cleared devices that make this claim to the public, but in another sense, I was not surprised. Many products and services make claims that are not FDA-cleared, and they risk violating the FDA and FTC regulations. Well, I could never start a business on products or services not proven to do what they say. We have the only clinically proven body sculpting wrap device in the United States, which is cleared by the FDA.


Fat Loss

Regular exercise helps body composition and changes our tissues from fat to muscle. At Red Lite Gym, we combine exercise and Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting to bring you actual weight loss that changes your body and helps eliminate fat and create lean muscle. Finally! A simple and scientifically proven system for weight loss right in your backyard here in Northwest Arkansas. Our weight loss solution is located in Bentonville, Arkansas, and I could throw a rock and hit Rogers, Arkansas. Literally one side of the street in Bentonville, and the other is Rogers. But for those in Fayetteville or Springdale, Arkansas, or even in Joplin or Neosho, Missouri, we offer a weight loss program with actual results, and we are not far. The affordable value we offer makes up for the cost to travel. You can come 12 times monthly for $199 at Red Lite Gym! Other places that use the Contour Light Device charge $199 for one Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting session. We are on a mission to make this luxury service available! It is too healthy to be exclusive.

Oh yeah, I forgot to share my weight loss success! Within 2 weeks of using Red Light Therapy from Red Lite Gym and doing the body sculpting sessions, I dropped 11 pounds and a pant size. Less than 5 months later, I weighed what I did when I was 18! I lost the stubborn 25 pounds I gained in my 40s, and more importantly, I feel better than ever. My energy is soaring! You will notice that you may come in for the weight loss but stay for all the other health benefits. Maintaining a healthy weight in life is extremely important for health reasons.

Red Light Therapy is proven to energize you and optimize your mitochondria, the batteries located in every cell of your body. The human body has trillions of mitochondria! When our mitochondria are healthy and functioning correctly, we benefit on many levels. I had to start Red Lite Gym as a new business concept! How could I not share this superb service with the world? My business philosophy is to help and serve as many people as possible and to love my neighbors as myself, all to the glory of God.

I pray that Red Lite Gym blesses you with your weight loss goals just as it did me. And I am doing the same thing I did when I started Club Pilates, only now the savings are exponentially more. You are getting an even better value. There is hope! We are here to help. We aim to make this ordinarily expensive luxury health and weight loss service affordable and accessible! We offer Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting plus personal training for more than 95% off what other places currently charge. And this is our business mission and motto; to love our neighbors as ourselves.