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Allison Beardsley and Red Lite Therapy

Allison has been a trainer of trainers since the year 2000. She has trained thousands of Pilates instructors to teach Pilates and developed a 500 hour program. Allison founded Club Pilates on the concept of making Pilates affordable and accessible, and is doing the same concept now with Red Lite Gym.

Allison has an app exclusive for Red Lite Gym members that provides virtual personal training through Video on Demand for all levels and these customized programs are low impact- lean muscle building and fat burning and effective. Allison is always researching the latest in the fitness trends. Allison specializes in options for people with injuries since she has a partially torn rotator cuff, and a reconstructed knee from her days as a basketball player. She is not a fan of high- intensity interval training since it can create injuries and increase the appetite for those on a weight loss journey.

Allison is committed to making this exclusive luxury spa service affordable and accessible to all people which is why she is opening Red Lite Gym.

Red Lite Gym and Red Light Therapy Doesn’t damage or cause pain like cool-sculpting or lipo. Red Lite Gym allows you to love your body and it provides noninvasive, healthy and safe Red Light Therapy Body Sculpting for more than 90% off the price of what what other facilities charge for this exact service.

We are excited to bring this hybrid spa/ boutique concept to you!